“...pinpricks of a beautifully understated score by Navid Asghari.”

- Radio Times


Navid Asghari is a British, London-based, composer for film and television, whose works blend subtle acoustic textures with synthesised rhythms and electroacoustic sounds.

He has scored BAFTA award-winning features and films and developed a distinctive style that often employs unconventional timbres and textures and incorporating environmental materials that shape our environment such as: steel, glass and stone.

He forms an intricate blend of musical score and sound design, whilst still attentive to delicate narrative and emotional undertones of the film subject. Asghari is also part of UK-based, cross-disciplinary arts practice ARM.



Untitled Project (Short), Kate Cox, 2019

Untitled Project (Short), Moritz Omland-Böhringer, 2018

Al Hayat (Short), Sonia Benarab, 2018

That Sinking Feeling (Installation), ARM,  2018

My Old Friend (Short), James Corley, 2o18

Torus (Installation), Harvest Festival 2017, Dordolla, Italy, 2017

Call Me Mummy (Short), Lucio Martus Alonso, Luisa Charles, 2017

Murdered For Being Different (BBC Tv Film), Paul Andrew Williams, 2017

I Was So Dumb (Short), Sonia Benarab, 2017 

Circadian (Installation), Navid Asghari, 2017

Wasteland (Short), Daniel Northcote Smith, 2017 (Post-production)

Memento Mori (Short), Scott Bassett, 2016

Do You See Her, Women’s Aid (Tv Advert), Ridley Scott Productions (RSA), 2016

Ticking (Play), Paul Andrew Williams, 2015

The Box (Short), Shaune Harrison, 2015

Operator (Short), Caroline Bartleet, 2015

Murdered By My Boyfriend, BBC (Tv Film), Paul Andrew Williams, 2014

Intruder (Short), Paul Andrew Williams,  2014

Last Wash (Short), Laura McAlpine, 2012



Navid Asghari is a composer, known for BAFTA award-winning Murdered for Being Different (2017), Murdered by My Boyfriend (2014) and Operator (Short 2015).

Navid studied jazz under Jazz pianist Tim Richards, at Goldsmiths University London and subsequently toured the world as a session bass player and musician. Later he received a first class degree from Brighton University in sound art.

Whilst working in the live music scene in London, Navid won a soundtrack competition for the Milan Design show 2012 with Dezeen magazine and shortly began composing for short films, pursuing the marriage of his two passions: music and film.

Whilst working on Murdered By My Boyfriend with director Paul Andrew Williams, Navid met director and producer Scott Bassett, scoring his short Memento Mori in 2016. Navid later scored the short Operator for award winning director Caroline Bartleet, winning a BAFTA for Best Short (2017). Murdered for Being Different won the BAFTA award for Best Single Drama (2018).